The plan should contain a detailed list of the required materials...

How to build a carport

A great set of carport designs will help home owners to efficiently build their own carports. A carport is essential since it protect cars which cannot fit in garages anymore. Majority of average homes, turn their garages into storage rooms, and because of this they no longer have space left for their cars.

There are numerous contents that a good carport designs should provide. First, the plan should contain a detailed list of the required materials. This will let the person know precisely what to purchase; thus, making him save time, energy and money.
Preparing the materials and tools in advance will help a person to complete the task more quickly.
Another thing which should be kept in mind is the budget for the project. Before starting the project, you should set the amount based on how much are you willing to spend.


First, create a plan

Before construction, make sure that you will not damage the gas or water pipes on the area where you will build your carport. Considering that, draw a detailed plan and double check that the planned construction is truly uniform rectangular shape and stand on level ground. We recommend that you measure the diagonal of carport roof, because it easier to make sure that the object is indeed the correct dimensions.

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Place the support beams

Then buy building materials (wooden beams or other material, roof tiles, screws ...), and at the selected location dig deep holes of the same width as the width of the supporting wooden beams (at least 30 inches wide and 30 inches deep). Dig holes at the corners where carport will be, so that you can accommodate the support beams. According to the manufacturer's instructions, mix some concrete and pour in the wells, and then install holders. Make sure that you put holders in flat, and then over the concrete, add another piece of wood panel. Wait two days to dry.

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Build a roof

The next step is to install roof racks on the main support beams. This task is more challenging, so you may need professional help. Roof rails should be supporting beams that have been built into the floor, installed completely flat, so the final structure is stable and flat. Secure carriers with galvanized screws and nails. If you shed leaned to the house, you must also install a bracket next to the house and make sure that the brackets are parallel on oposite sides. The spacing between the roof rails should be about 3 feet. After you have measured and assembled roof, install brackets between plywood boards, than add tiles, or metal roofing panels.

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