Which one is better, wooden or metal?

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How to build a carport
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Carport materials

Carports are designed to protect your vehicle from elements that would damage it. These are such as the sun's heat, rain or hail. They commonly have two walls, differing from garages, and this advantageously enables proper ventilation. They come in two types: metal and wood.


Wooden carports designs:

A wooden carport is simply a roofed construction, which used to offer limited protection to different types of automobiles although it is most common with cars. It is an alternative for garages. A wooden carport can be either attached to another building or it can stand independently on its own. They can be made in different designs either using purely wooden materials or using a blend of wood and other materials but the wood has to be more dominant.

The design

since most of these structures are built close to peoples' houses, the design used should blend with that of the house to give an attractive touch. The structure should have a provision of using electric lights that will help in monitoring the security of the user's vehicle. Others are presence of enclosed sides, gravel floor and prefabricated panel constructions if necessary.

Why are wooden carports increasing in popularity? They can multipurpose unlike traditional garages. They can be used as children play grounds and extra storage for homes. They provide a higher convenience for accessing than garages since they are open. The most exciting feature is the ease of construction and the low cost involved.


Metal carports designs:

The constructs the metal ones take are such as aluminium, steel or the popular panels with a core of polystyrene foam, manufactured and insulated. The panels are then covered in either steel or aluminium. The wooden ones are not as complex and thus cheaper and easier to assemble. However, as they say, in the long run cheap is expensive.

Why metal?

The metal carports protect your vehicle at all times in all conditions. They are more durable to the wooden ones, able to withstand the wear and tear of inclement weather, and can be made crafted into many more designs, as per your holdings specifications. The metal neither rots, twists nor warps and unlike the wooden ones, they cannot be affected by termites. They are fire resistant and once put up; their maintenance cost is minimal, with only the normal cleaning being required.
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