Carport provide protection from snow and ice during winter; and from the harmful sun's rays during summer...

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Where to buy
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How to build a carport
How to build a carport
The plan should contain a detailed list of the required materials...

Carport designs

Carport is a semi-covered structure that offers protection to vehicles from the adverse effects of weather such as sun, rain, snow and hail. As it is not covered on all four sides, it offers the flexibility of either attaching it to an existing wall or leaving it free-standing. This design feature also allows for better ventilation.

Modern carport designs have become increasingly popular in the market for the following reasons:
They are more versatile to varying weather conditions. Added to their lighter structure, it means they can easily be dismantled and moved from place to place. This is especially beneficial for people with mobile homes, or those that are constantly on the move.

Most modern carports are made of metal (such as aluminium and steel). They are therefore simpler in design and more economic compared to traditional methods, such as building garages. Modern metal-moulding techniques increase this advantage by producing stronger and longer lasting metals.

Hail protection, a feature incorporated in most modern carports, significantly reduces the risk of damage from hail, which translates to lower insurance premiums for vehicle owners.


List of carport designs types:

Carports are always available in various designs. You should choose the design which is suitable for your requirements as well as for the available space. For you to do that, you should have a look at various available carport plans. This will enable you to select a design that is best for you.

In addition, you should also choose quality plans to assist you with the project. If you have exceptional blueprints to guide you through the task, construction will go very smooth.

Which materials should you use for building a caport?